Infographic: Turn Trash into Treasure with an Exeter Retort

To many people, leftover biomass can be seen as trash and ready for the dumpster- but have you considered ways your excess biomass can be reused?

For centuries, civilizations have been converting biomass into soil fertilizers to increase their crop yield. Imagine eliminating your excess biomass and creating value added products that are ready for resale.

Charcoal, biochar, and bonechar are made from feedstocks such as:

  • Branch wood and small-diameter trees
  • Scrap lumber (untreated)
  • Livestock bones

We created an infographic to illustrate how the Exeter Retort takes these excess materials and processes them into items that can add an extra source of income to your operation.

Turning Trash Into Treasure

View the Infographic

Inside, you will see how the Exeter Retort helps:

  • Remove excess biomass
  • Turn it into product
  • Reduce costs to your operation

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