Other Equipment

We also offer other equipment and supplies to complement the Exeter retort.

Red Dragon wood choppers for feedstock preparation


These machines have 2 rotating shafts with cutting knives that convert branches and small stems into wood chunks for fuel wood, cooking wood, and feedstock for charcoal.  There are a variety of sizes to process wood up to 6″ in diameter. They’re offered in models intended for use with a bagger, or with a conveyor for bulk production. They can be powered with a tractor, a small engine, or by electric.

USA-made self-releasing snatch block for tractor winching

Winch logs around obstacles and valuable residual trees.

Igland Tractor Winches

Portable capstan winches and accessories for low-impact log winching

Small portable capstan winches are helpful tools for small farmers and forest owners to haul in logs and tree tops as feedstock.


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