Business Solutions

The Exeter provides solutions for the economical conversion of waste biomass to valuable products for a variety of situations:

Small natural farming operations seeking to produce biochar for on-farm application and to supply local and regional markets.

Compost operations seeking to produce premium biochar-enriched product.

Greenhouse operations seeking to improve quality of plants for sale and produce biochar-enriched compost product.

BBQ enterprises (competition teams, caterers, and restaurants) seeking to reduce costs and develop private label lump charcoal.

Small sawmill operations seeking to manage waste (slabwood) while generating a new revenue stream.

Entrepreneurial woodland owners seeking to generate new revenue source and offset costs of timber stand improvement practices.

Entrepreneurial tree care and landscape enterprises seeking to develop profitable value-added products from biomass material generated through their service work.

Livestock operations seeking to reduce disposal costs while producing bone char as a value-added product to generate revenue (see this short article about how the Callicrate Cattle Company is garden-testing its bone char product).